Jon Jackson

Three decades of experience have given me the skillset to design and develop information media that engages the user. This media, be it technical writing, visual imagery, or interactive media, is aimed to inform the user when needed. I make information findable, understandable, usable, and rememberable. I create engaging and useful information experiences.

Jan Amos Komensky

Our namesake, Jan Amos Komensky (Latinate form: Jan Amos Comenius), is the "Father of Modern Education". Education for Komensky stretches beyond the boundaries of the classroom and encompasses all of life. Komensky Communications develops information in accordance with these principles.

To me, Komensky represents engagement. He determined that people learn best when they are engaged in the activity.

In his Great Didactic, Komensky notes:

The universal requirements of teaching and learning; that is to say, a method of teaching and of learning with such certainty that the desired result must of necessity follow.

And he follows with some principles that he observed in nature which are applicable to education:

1. Nature observes a suitable time.

2. Nature prepares the material, before she begins to give it form.

3. Nature chooses a fit subject to act upon, or first submits one to a suitable treatment in order to make it fit.

4. Nature is not confused in its operations, but in its forward progress advances distinctly from one point to another.

5. In all the operations of nature, development is from within.

6. Nature, in its formative processes, begins with the universal and ends with the particular.

7. Nature makes no leaps, but proceeds step by step.

8. If nature commences anything, it does not leave off until the operation is completed.

9. Nature carefully avoids obstacles and things likely to cause hurt.